Elections of the President of Turkmenistan: sums, numbers


In accordance with the decision of the Mejlis of Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan on February 12, 2022, pursuant to article 81 of the Constitution of Turkmenistan and article 86 of the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan, the election of the President of Turkmenistan is scheduled for Saturday, March 12, 2022. 

In accordance with the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan, the apparatus of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan announced at a meeting on February 13, 2022 that the election season would begin on February 14, 2022. 

A total of 2,618 polling stations have been set up in the country to conduct the election, including: 

364 in Ahal velayat;

272 in Balkan velayat; 

523 in Dashoguz velayat; 

559 in Lebap velayat; 

549 in Mary velayat; 

310 in Ashgabat city, as well as, 41 were also established at the diplomatic missions (consulates) of Turkmenistan abroad. 

The election of the President of Turkmenistan has been under the observation of the world and the public of our country. 

2726 national observers nominated by political parties, public organizations, civil society groups and by candidates in our country, including: 

389 in Ahal velayat; 

297 in Balkan velayat; 

549 in Dashoguz velayat; 

581 in Lebap velayat; 

581 in Mary velayat; 

329 in Ashgabat city, were registered by the Central Election Commission of Turkmenistan, their identity cards were handed over. 

National observers nominated by political parties, public organizations, civil society groups and candidates; 

544 from the Democratic party of Turkmenistan;

355 from the Party of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan;

390 from the Agrarian party of Turkmenistan;

520 Trade unions of Turkmenistan;

290 from the Women's union of Turkmenistan;

525 from the Youth organization of Turkmenistan named after Magtymguly;

84 from citizen groups;

18 observers were nominated by the candidates.

All rounds of elections were observed by national observers appointed by candidates, political parties, public organizations and civil society groups. Also 75 international observers from the Commonwealth of Independent States, including the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, the Kyrgyz Republic, CIS Executive Committee, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Organization of Turkic States, the Republic of Turkey, and the Islamic Republic of Iran have arrived in Turkmenistan. They got acquainted with the preparation works for the elections, the pre-election process and the voting process on election day. 

47.76% of the national observers were women. 

54.33% of national observers were higher educated, 31.99% are special secondary, 13.68% were secondary educated. 

30.05% of national observers were 30 years old, 29.60% were 30 to 40 years old, 21.24% were 40 to 50 years old, and 19.11% were 50 years old. 

All the necessary documents and other materials for the election commissions were provided in a centralized manner. 

However, election-related video clips were made available to the public on television and radio. 

Preparation works for the election were widely and consistently reported in the media. Electoral legislation and voter suffrage interviews were regularly broadcast on television, and the conduction of elections in a transparent manner, on a democratic basis, has been extensively described. 

In accordance with the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan, the meetings and decisions of the Central Election Commission were made public through the media. Also the important socio-political event in our country - the elections of the President of Turkmenistan was carried out on the basis of democratic principles reported to the public in a timely manner by the representatives and correspondents of foreign mass media, through news, pictorials, interviews - "TASS", "Associated Press", "Frans Press", "NCA", "Reuters"agencies, "TRT" television company, "Mir-24", "TRT World" television channel, "Turkmenistan.ru" internet newspaper, "Atavatan Turkmenistan" magazine and others. 

As part of the country's digital development policy, video cameras have been installed in hundreds of polling stations in Ashgabat city and in our velayats during the Presidential elections in Turkmenistan. 

Thus, election day, i.e. March 12, 2022, will be held online at the same polling station by digital means, and was shown live on the website of the Central Election Commission of Turkmenistan, saylav.gov.tm, on the "Online" page. 

On the Presidential elections on March 12, 2022, in accordance with article 44 of the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan, 3 candidates were nominated by political parties and in accordance with the article 46 of the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan, 6 candidates were nominated by the citizen’s suggestion groups. A total of 9 people were nominated. 

9 candidates for the Presidency of Turkmenistan were registered in the Central Election Commission and they were delivered the identity cards. That is: 

Serdar Gurbangulyyevich Berdimuhamedov, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan by the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan; 

Agajan Bekmyradov, deputy governor of Mary velayat by the Agrarian Party of Turkmenistan; 

Babamyrat Tirkeshovich Meredov, director of "Wepaly gurlushyk" economic society by the party of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan; 

By the citizens’ suggestion groups of our country:  

Perhat Guvanchgulyyevich Begenjov, director of the Lebap velayat financial and economic secondary school; 

Berdimammet Hanmammedovich Gurbanov, chief physician of "Avaza" sanatorium of the ministry of Health and medical industry of Turkmenistan; 

Hydyr Kakabayevich Nunnayev, vice-rector for scientific works of Turkmen state institute of physical culture and sports; 

Maksat Myradovich Odeshov, chairman of the Dashoguz velayat, Saparmyrat Turkmenbashy etrap committee of the Democratic party of Turkmenistan; 

Maksatmyrat Ashirgeldiyevich Ovezgeldiyev, head of the Sanitation and disease control service of Babadayhan etrap of Ahal velayat; 

Kakageldi Atajanovich Saryyev, director of the research and production center "Renewable energy sources" of the State energy institute of Turkmenistan were registered as a candidates for the Presidency of Turkmenistan. 

Candidates were spoke with their programs on the "Altyn Asyr: Turkmenistan", "Miras", "Yashlyk", "Turkmenistan" television channels. 

Pre-voting was held on March 2-11, 2022 and 275,603 voters or 7.97 per cent of the electorate cast their ballots. 

Of the 3,460,080 registered voters in the country, 3,362,052 voters or 97.17 per cent of the electorate cast their ballots. More specifically: 

97.68% in Ahal velayat, 

97.29% in Balkan velayat, 

96.80% in Dashoguz velayat, 

97.13% in Lebap velayat, 

96.97% in Mary velayat, 

97.51% in Ashgabat city; 

Abroad, 98.14% of the vote was cast. 

Voting in the polling stations were held from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

According to reports received from the Central Election Commission every two hours: 

at 09:00 867182, 25.24%, 

at 11:00 1751472, 50.97%, 

at 13:00 2472635, 71.96%, 

at 15:00 2969653, 86.43%, 

at 17:00 3204479, 93.26%, 

at 19:00 3338372, 97.17% of voters cast their ballots. 

Abroad were registered 23,840 voters, of which 21,678 cast their ballots. 

A total of 98,944 young voters of the age of 18 (first-time voters) were registered on the elections. 

A total of 14,609 voters were registered outside the polling station (due to health reasons). 

Following the results of the March 12, 2022 Presidential election in Turkmenistan: 

1. Begenjov Perhat Guvanchgulievich 2.02%;

2. Bekmuradov Agajan 7.22%;

3. Berdimuhamedov Serdar Gurbangulyyevich 72.97%;

4. Gurbanov Berdimammet Hanmammedovich 2.22%;

5. Meredov Babamyrat Tirkeshovich 1.08%;

6. Nunnayev Hydyr Kakabaevich 11.09%;

7. Odeshov Maksat Myradovich 1.15%;

8. Ovezgeldiyev Maksatmyrat Ashyrgeldiyevich 1.16%;

9. Saryev Kakageldi Atajanovich received 1.09% of the vote.

Based on the decision of the Central Election Commission at its final meeting on March 14, 2022 and in accordance with the article 76 of the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan, the candidate for the post of President of Turkmenistan who received 72,97 percent of the votes of the eligible citizens – the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, Serdar Gurbangulyyevich Berdimuhamedov was recognized as the elected President of Turkmenistan. 

There are more than 18,000 active members of the electoral teams who took part in the organization of the Presidential elections in Turkmenistan, which is one of the most important events in the socio-political life of the revival of the new era of the Powerful state. 

Elections in our country will continue to be carried out in accordance with the Constitution of Turkmenistan, the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan, on the basis of democratic principles, qualitatively high level, multi-party system, wide competition conditions, organized competition, and to create all the conditions for citizens’ right to vote and the right to be elected is an important task facing election commissions. 


Central commission for holding 
Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.