18 Jan

Electoral commissions for the elections to parliament and regional People’s Councils have been formed

Turkmenistan is on the threshold of an important socio-political event - the election of Mejlis deputies and the velayat, etrap and city Halk Maslahaty and Gengesh members to be held on March 25, 2018.

A total of 125 Mejlis deputies are to be elected around the country. For the elections of velayat Halk Maslahaty members 240 electoral districts have been created, 40 in each of velayats and the city of Ashgabat. For the elections of etrap and city Halk Maslahaty members a total of 1200 electoral districts, 20 in each etrap and city have been created, of which 160 in Akhal velayat, 260 in Balkan velayat, 220 in Dashoguz velayat, 220 in Lebap velayat, 260 in Mary velayat and 80 in the city of Ashgabat. The territories of all these districts have been defined.

During meetings of primary organizations of the Democratic Party, the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Agrarian Party, public organizations and associations of Turkmenistan, groups of citizens of the country, the most worthy candidates to the electoral commissions have been nominated. Meetings and discussions have been organized to nominate representatives to the electoral commissions, the majority of whom are specialists working in various sectors of the national economy.

As the participants in meetings emphasized, the upcoming elections will be held on the principles of alternativeness, transparency and openness, becoming another confirmation of Turkmenistan’s adherence to the democratic path of development and the success of progressive reforms in all areas of public affairs.

The ceremonies of presenting certificates of a standard pattern to newly elected members of the electoral districts have taken place in the appropriate electoral commissions.

For the moment, with the participation of the Mejlis deputies and the CEC representatives, training seminars have been held for the velayat, etrap, city and district electoral commission members, which have given their participants a possibility to become broadly acquainted with amendments to the national electoral legislation, as well as with amendments and addenda to the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan, their official duties and the upcoming elections procedure.

The present election campaign is organized in accordance with the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan.

11 Sept
International conference on digitization

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Largest lesson of ecology

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First Caspian Economic Forum

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New plant awarded a certificate

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International cooperation

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Students of the Academy of Civil Service got industrial experience in Central Election Commission

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17 May
Recognition by the world community

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04 Apr
The Central Election Commission announced the final results of a single voting day

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